Councillor’s disgust at chemical waste dumping

February 4, 2013

The latest discovery of chemical waste in south Armagh has prompted Sinn Fein Councillor Colman Burns to air his disgust at the ongoing problem of toxic dumping in the area.

Councillor Burns spoke out  following the discovery of a trailer load of chemical waste residue associated with diesel laundering abandoned along the A29 road close to Drumill Bridge, at Cullyhanna, and a further two cubes of dumped waste on the Ballinaclosha Road, Tullydonnell,

Branding the perpetrators “vile and selfish” the councillor said,

“I received numerous calls on Monday morning, 28th January, from people who drove past and noticed the curtain side trailer along the side of the road. It was obvious to anyone passing that this was another load of toxic waste judging by the way the trailer had been dumped with such haste. The jacks at the front of the trailer were not wound down, meaning that it is now lying at an angle making the recovery of the trailers contents all the more difficult.”

He continued,

“This trailer was obviously driven to this site from somewhere else in the district or possibly from Co. Louth. Irrespective of where it came from, it is a vile selfish act that gives this area a name that it does not deserve.

“In a further development, two cubes of toxic waste were discovered on the Ballinaclosha Road, Tullydonnell, last Tuesday. These cubes were dumped so far out on the road that vehicles had to mount the ditch to get past them.

“Many people throughout the district are doing sterling work to promote south Armagh as a tourist destination.  They have invested a lot of their hard earned money into tourist ventures because they believe in the natural beauty of south Armagh.

“Unfortunately, there is also a small element of selfish people who care little for the environment or the people of this District and continue to dump their toxic residue throughout our area. Anyone involved in these actions are doing a great disservice to south Armagh. I would appeal to these people to show a bit of respect for a place with such a proud history and cease this dumping of waste in south Armagh immediately.”