Smoking Cessation Scheme

February 18, 2013

The Smoking Cessation Scheme is offered by most pharmacies. It is a free, 12 week programme designed to provide nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, sprays, chewing gum and lozenges. The pharmacist also provides advice on quitting, and supports each client throughout the 12 weeks. It’s easy to join, just call into your local participating pharmacy and complete a five minute consultation, after which you will be assigned the plan which will best suit your individual needs.

Meigh Pharmacy, Dromintee Road can boast a quit rate at 4 weeks of over 50%. One such success story was a member of Dromintee Darts team and after his achievement, he asked Richard Garvey, proprietor, to sponsor the darts team. Richard felt it would be an ideal place to advertise the smoking cessation scheme, as it would catch a key demographic. The smoking cessation scheme is now advertised in pool halls throughout the county.

You don’t have to play darts to use the scheme so call in for a chat about setting your quit date today!!!