Anger at continued sludge dumping

March 4, 2013

The relentless dumping of toxic waste in the south Armagh area is a continuing source of disappointment, Sinn Fein Councillor Terry Hearty has said.

Commenting after the latest incident in which two cubes of toxic sludge were dumped on the Loughhaveeley Road in Glassdrummond, he said: “This is a very remote, rural road.  The cubes were dumped carelessly out of a van, spilling over the road and into a drain.”

Pointing out that from July last year, at least 770 tonnes of waste has been removed at a cost of approximately £225,000 to the taxpayer, he added, “While 770 tonnes of sludge may have been cleared, we have no idea how much of this poison has seeped into the ground or made its way to waterways.  These people seem intent on poisoning our beautiful countryside and doing as much environmental harm as they can.”

Encouraging the public to report such incidents, Mr Hearty said, “If anyone sees this sludge dumping going on or knows anything about it they should not hesitate to contact the Environmental Agency or the PSNI.  We have a duty to protect the natural beauty of our area, our environment and the health and well being of our children and families.”