Action4Elderly launches in Newtownhamilton

March 4, 2013

A new initiative to help the elderly was launched in Newtownhamilton last week, as Action4Elderly opened the doors of its drop in centre which aims to provide much needed services and assistance to the local elderly community

The scheme is the brainchild of founder, Tom Rogers, who decided to put together the totally self-funded charity to pass on 100% of donations to deserving recipients in one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

Having successfully operated an Action4Elderly branch and warehouse in Banbridge, the Newtownhamilton site is part of the charity’s expansion into more towns and cities around the North, including a Newry branch which Tom hopes to open in the next six months.

Action4Elderly is a voluntary group which accepts donations and pays cash for items which are then distributed among the local elderly community.   Tom spoke to The Examiner about the initiative and what the group hope to achieve in Newtownhamilton.

“Our aim is to reduce the household outgoings of elderly people in need and everything that is donated to us or which we buy, goes straight back to the people of Newtownhamilton –  it doesn’t go anywhere else.  We prefer to think of ourselves as a drop in centre where the elderly in the community can come if they need assistance with anything” says Tom.

“There’s free tea and coffee available for visitors and throughout each month we will have various free services available, such as a benefits advice mornings, fire safety talks or home security advice sessions.

“We get a lot of donations from big companies and at the end of each month our trustees decide what the funds are spent on or how donations are distributed among the local elderly population. These will be locally advertised. For instance, this month we hope to distribute bread and bacon to around 150 people.  We’re there to help with everything and anything that an elderly person may need and aim to help around 200 people every month.”

With electrical engineers and maintenance technicians all volunteering for the group, Action4elderly can also help with home DIY or repairs, and provide minibus transport for anyone requiring assistance to get out and about.

For advice on assistance or to make a donation call the Newtownhamilton drop in centre on 028 3831199 or contact Tom directly on 07933851583.