Be Balanced 2013

April 8, 2013

Spring is in the air and for women everywhere their attention begins to shift to losing weight in time for summer.  They begin another “diet” and stick with it for a couple of days or if they are really determined it might even last a week!.

More than half of us currently on diets will have thrown out the low fat cook books within a couple of weeks and most slimmers end up putting the weight they have lost back on again. The diet industry is worth an estimated £1 billion, magazines constantly bombard us with the latest diet and the shelves of book shops are filled with weight loss bibles.  Yet despite the fact that we have more information than ever on how to get slim, we are heavier than ever and as a nation getting heavier.

Many of us have tried every fad diet out there, who remembers the soup diet, the cabbage diet, the grapefruit diet, need I go on? We have thrown ourselves into the latest exercise trends and yet that extra weight still won’t budge

That was the reality for local holistic therapist Joanne Callan, who over 6 years ago decided enough was enough and began to look a bit deeper. “ Wearing a size 14-16, I wasn’t drastically over weight but I wasn’t happy, I didn’t want to get heavier and I realised I had to get to the root of what was causing me to be over weight and so began a journey that has resulted in reaching and maintaining a weight and body shape that I am happy with, improving my overall health and wellbeing and inspiring others to do the same.  Once I achieved the results I wanted, other people began asking me what I had been doing and there wasn’t a simple answer.  It was a combination of many different things and so I decided to put them all together into a program that I could share with others and so Be Balanced was born.”  The program has been piloted with various groups and individuals over the past three years and this year sees the launch of the better than ever 12 week program.

Be Balanced will work alongside any existing diet or exercise program that you are currently  following,  we all know it’s impossible to lose weight without addressing your diet and exercising, but they are only part of the solution.  We need to harness our brainpower, we need to address the effects stress has on our bodies and we need to let go of emotional baggage that we have been carrying around.

Over the past few years I have come to release that stress in its broadest sense and our ability to cope with it really has a major impact on all aspects of our health. The link between stress and the many common health problems that we hear of such as high blood pressure, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, depression, IBS and cancer to name just a few is well documented and our weight is no different. Be Balanced is not only aimed at those who want to lose weight it is designed to help women relax, gain confidence and improve their physical and mental health and well-being.  With this as a goal, achieving and maintain your perfect weight is one of the major positive effects.

The next Be Balanced course begins on 22nd April in Ballybot House, Newry. For more information contact Joanne, on 07549889993, by email on or  visit