Roads Minister under fire over border ‘political signage’

May 20, 2013

Roads Minister Danny Kennedy has been accused of wasting public money on ‘political signage’ over the erection of ‘Welcome to Northern Ireland’ road signs along the border.

Sinn Fein MLA Megan Fearon has called on Mr Kennedy to reveal the cost to the public purse of pursuing what she termed his ‘pet political project’ and installing the signage on border roads recently.

“In recent days traffic travelling between Dublin and Belfast has been reduced to one lane at the border to facilitate the further extension of the DRD Minister’s pet political signage project.  Not only has this caused inconvenience to road users between Dundalk and Newry but the blind pursuance of this pointless campaign by Danny Kennedy is removing tens of thousands of pounds from his roads budget at a time when the local roads infrastructure is in its worst condition for many years,” Ms Fearon claimed.

“Traders in Newry have previously requested signs in this location to encourage shoppers to visit the city but were told by Roads Service that no more signs were permitted on the dual carriageway and yet the Roads Minister is clearly imposing his own political priorities ahead of his constituents,” she explained, adding that the Minister has also ignored the advice of the Tourist Board who stated that his plans ‘would not be welcomed and should not be pursued’.

“I have stated before that Minister Kennedy should remove these signs and concentrate on the real issues facing road and transport users, he should now also come clean on the cost to the public of using our money for his political schemes,” she said.