Over 92% voting in favour of Irish Unity

May 27, 2013

Over 1,000 people from the district made their voices heard last Saturday night in the first ever People’s Referendum on Irish Unity, with over 92% voting in favour of Irish Unity.  The resounding “Yes” vote was the culmination of weeks of campaigning by the Crossmaglen and Creggan Upper ‘United Ireland -You decide’ group, led by Chairperson, Emma McArdle.

People know what we,re talkin about, people –main reason for setting up this group and the trial referendum is to campaign for the actual border poll to take place. Catalonia model less than 500 people staged trial referendum, which became catalyst for other towns to do the same.  In the end over 500 towns followed suit with the end result that the government there has agreed a date for the actual referendum to take place.

Speaking after the announcement of the result, Ms McArdle said:

“We set out to start a debate on Irish Unity, to highlight the day-to-day difficulties faced by people in our communities because of partition. We wanted the voices of our community to be heard.

“This has been a hugely successful initiative. We engaged with thousands of people during the 3 week campaign and over 1,000 people participated in this, the first ever People’s Referendum on Irish Unity.

“Over 92% voted in favour of Irish Unity – a very clear signal of strong demand that exists for re-unification.

“The debate on Irish Unity has now well and truly begun. We have allowed the people of our community to have their say. We hope that other areas will follow our example and do the same in their own towns, villages and communities.

“On behalf of the group I want to thank all those who came out and voted on Saturday. I also want to thank the Presiding Officer Mick Halpenny and the Deputy Presiding officer Tom O’Driscoll for all of their work.  Also Catalan MP Alfred Bosch who acted as an international observer for our poll and all others who volunteered to make this initiative possible.”