Fair Day in the Sixites

July 8, 2013

This was the Fair day in Crossmaglen back in the early 60’s. They say a picture speaks a thousand words and this picture tells us a number of things. Vehicles were few and far between, no problem parking. Buildings were dilapidated  and run down, the only new building in the picture is the Northern Bank. The run down building beside it is now the Credit Union, with Donaghy’s house next door and then Loane’s Shop which is now the Cross Square Hotel.

The buildings opposite the Northern Bank are derelict and no longer exist, and the hosue on the corner is now Crosby’s butchers, next to it was a building that was used as a school for a period before the primary school was built and is now Caragher’s House.

This picture only shows the clothes for sale, but I remember there was a place for furniture and household goods, and of course all the farm animals were sold in different locations.

The horses were in North Street, while the cattle were down about where the Bank of Ireland is, and sheep and goats were sold around Loane’s. This was all on the road or footpath. Pigs were in carts on the Square, opposite the Culloville Road and there was a place for fowl as well.

I’m sure the locations changed over the years but these are the places I remember. Feel free to submit your recollections of a Fair Day in Cross in the fifties or sixties.