Police renew ‘green Rolex’ pill warning

July 29, 2013

Police have issued a renewed warning about fake ecstasy pills in Northern Ireland known as ‘green Rolexes’.

The warning comes after police made a number of small seizures of the tablets last week in County Antrim.

Other recently seized pills of the same type had been found to contain the highly toxic chemicals PMA and PMMA, as well as ecstasy.

Police reiterated that there was no such thing as a “safe drug or dose” and the Health Minister said two out of the eight sudden deaths earlier this month may be linked to “green rolexes”.

The PSNI’s Organised Crime Branch said people are continuing to put their lives at risk by using the tablets and said the combination of MDMA (ecstasy) and PMA and PMMA (paramethoxymethamphetamine) is particularly toxic and hazardous to health and has been linked to numerous deaths around the globe.

Dealers and users may be unaware that what they believe to be ecstasy actually contains PMMA, which can be slower to take effect, causing the user to take more, which can lead to seizures, convulsions, heart attack and ultimately death.

Police have repeated warnings to members of the public and said the chemicals had also been found in numerous other coloured pills bearing different logos throughout Great Britain, Europe and in Canada which had been directly linked to death.