Commissioner supports Paul Quinn’s Parents

August 19, 2013

The parents of Paul Quinn, who was beaten to death in a remote farm building in County Monaghan almost six years ago, have met the Northern Ireland commissioner for victims and survivors.

The Cullyhanna couple met with the commissioner to discuss their concerns that murders with alleged paramilitary links that occurred after the ceasefires and subsequent Good Friday peace agreement were being forgotten in the state’s attempts to help those bereaved during the Troubles.

They claim their son Paul, 21, had been involved in a dispute with individual IRA members and had been ordered to leave the country but refused to do so.  His family believe he was killed by elements within the IRA as a result of the dispute.  Sinn Féin has denied any republican involvement.

Mr Quinn, was lured to the cattle shed just across the border near Oram in County Monaghan.  Having been led there along with a friend on the pretext of work, the two were confronted by a gang of masked men wielding iron bars.  Paul was separated from his friend and savagely beaten by the gang. Every major bone in his body was broken in the attack and he died hours later in hospital in Drogheda.

No one has ever been charged with the murder.  A man in his 20’s, arrested in connection with the killing earlier this month was later released pending a report to prosecutors and Irish police released three other men who were all being questioned about the killing.Following last week’s meeting, Mrs Quinn said the commissioner had been very sympathetic towards them.

“She could not believe when she read up on him, the lies that were told about Paul,” his mother said.

“She assured us and kept reassuring us that this is not going to be forgotten about and we fully believe her,” she said.

She added that not a day went by when she did not think of her son.

“No one has any idea except those who have a son murdered, what it is like to get up every day and not see him. It’s not the fact that he died, it’s the fact that he got such a brutal death – for no reason, no reason.”

Mrs Quinn said the family would keep fighting for justice for their son and added that they are being kept up-to-date on any developments in the investigation.

Ms Stone said it was “a great privilege” to meet with the couple and commended their “strength and tenacity in the pursuit of justice for the horrific murder of their son, Paul.”

“As I have said before, it is my role to advocate for all victims and survivors, and I hope that this meeting with the Quinn family and representatives of the Quinn Support Group, will go in some way in reassuring them that they are not being ignored and that the Commission is here to help them in any way it can.

“The commission fully supports their search for justice,” she said.