Families ‘disappointed’ with adjournment in Turkey murders trial

September 2, 2013

The trial of the two men accused of killing County Down women Marion Graham and Cathy Dinsmore in August 2011 has been adjourned.

Recep Cetin, 22, and his father Eyup are being tried for the murders in a series of hearings which have been held over a number of months in Izmir. Recep, who was the boyfriend of Marion Graham’s daughter, Shannon, at the time of the killings, has admitted stabbing the women but claims his father had nothing to do with the murders, despite a key witness placing both men at the scene.

Relatives of the two women had travelled to Turkey for the final stages of the trial in Izmir believing a verdict might have been reached by last Thursday but the trial was adjourned until 9th September after a defence lawyer objected to a medical report for Recep Cetin which declared him sane.

The defence requested that the matter be referred to a higher health authority.

It is not the first time the legal process has been held up. Initially, Recep Cetin falsely claimed to be 17 years old but medical tests proved he was in his early 20s and therefore eligible to be tried in an adult court.  The case was further delayed when Recep claimed to be psychiatrically ill but subsequent doctors’ reports declared him sane.

Last Thursday’s hearing, which lasted less than 10 minutes, was heard by a panel of four judges, two of which were temporary and had not been at any previous hearings in the trial.

Now the four original judges have to consider the defence lawyer’s request.

Marion Graham’s children Shannon, David, Lorraine and Tina attended the hearing along with Cathy Dinsmore’s brother George, her nephew Robert and niece Ruby.

Prosecution lawyer, Baris Kaska, who is acting for the relatives of the slain women, said the families were frustrated by yet another delay in the complex and lengthy legal process and said they were “disappointed” with the adjournment.