Will the axe fall on Scor Novelty Acts?

September 2, 2013

By Joey McKinley Mullaghbawn

When I heard of the axing of Scor Novelty Act I couldn’t believe my ears,

For we had enjoyed participating for many, many years,

So enthusiastic were our young thespians that when the hall was closed for repair

They all descended on my kitchen and rehearsals took place right there,

I had hoped that this was a rumour for we all know that they can arise,

But when I got the Examiner on Monday I couldn’t believe my eyes,

I read it and read it over again but I just couldn’t take it in,

I thought to myself if this goes ahead it really will be a sin,

Some children are full of confidence and love to be in the limelight,

But others are shy and retiring and the stage would fill them with fright,

But if they dress up in costumes and wigs and grease paint upon wee faces,

They seem to turn into somebody else and then they’ll start going places,

They get into character dressed like this and feel confident they’re looking swell,

And out they go with heads held high and voices as clear as a bell.

Their families all come to support them and they are as proud as can be

For the scene that’s unfolding before their eyes they thought they never would see.

These children are grown up but some, to this day, are still appearing on stage,

They in turn pass these talents on to their kids when they come of age,

As the whole idea of  Novelty Acts is to keep our culture alive,

I fear that if they are going to be axed it’s possible it won’t survive.

We hope that who ever came up with this notion to axe the wee Novelty Acts,

Will give some thought to these children and adults as they consider the facts,

When the curtain comes up again on Scor and competitors run through their paces,

Let’s hope there are still a few Novelty acts to put smiles on everyone’s faces.