Swimming classes for babies

September 16, 2013

Five years ago my beautiful baby girl was born.  I wanted to take her to a swimming class as I’m a keen swimmer myself. I found out that there was nothing around Newry, so I had to travel to Hollywood (Belfast) with her. I enjoyed the classes but not driving such a distance. There  was nothing close by so I decided to start  baby swimming up myself in Newry I got my diploma in baby swimming, insurance and all the other necessary papers in place to get started.I am now running a six week course for babies from birth up to 3 years old.

The whole class will be based on ‘having fun in the water’. Parents take their baby into the water and will be doing different exercises with them like, flowtation, rotation, kicking etc.

We also sing songs and playing games, everything moves very quickly so that the babies don’t get bored. We stay half an hour in the water which is at a nice temperature for the little ones.

Even if parents aren’t confident in the water or can’t swim themselves, they can join my class, as everything will be done in shallow water, waist high. Babies and young children benefit greatly from baby ducklings classes, as through the classes they will lose there fear they might have, the younger you stimulate the babies to enjoy the water the more confident swimmers they grow up to be, as swimming is a lifeskill. It is a great exercise for muscle stimulation, development of their brain and it tires them out, and they will have a great sleep afterwards.

Classes give a great fulfilment for bonding between a parent and their child and its good for parents, from a social aspect, as many people made lifelong friends.

Dads are very welcome as well to join the classes.

I really enjoy taking the swimming classes and get great feedback from parents, so recently I have started to teach in Orchard Leisure Centre in Armagh You can check out my website for more info on or e-mail on If you would like to come to our next course contact Corina on 07809869352.

The next 6 week course starts Wednesday, 2nd October, at 2.30 p.m in Newry Swimming Pool and on Wednesday 2nd October at 12 noon in Armagh Leisure Centre.