Quad bikers ruining natural habitat of Slieve Gullion

October 7, 2013

Quad bikers using the slopes of Slieve Gullion are ruining the natural habitat of the mountain and are risking the erosion of walking trails and grasslands, the Ring of Gullion LPS Officer, Darren Rice, has claimed.

Tracks caused by the quad bikes have become more apparent due to the recent wet weather and have exposed virtual trenches on some areas of the mountain.

Mr Rice says he believes more than one quad is using the trails and this practice is “tearing the soil to shreds”.

“The quad tracks are now on the walkers’ trails and if this continues, the path will start to fail,” he said.  “It will lead to costly maintenance, will detract from visitors’ experience, disturb wildlife and destroy the habitat.  These trails are not built for motor vehicles of any kind.”

Mr Rice called on those using quads on the  mountain to desist, pointing out that there are a number of specially-designed quad bike trails in the locality.

He added that the level of noise generated by the quads is causing a great deal of annoyance to locals and he appealed to regular visitors to the mountain and to locals to contact the police or the Forest Service if they have any information on this activity.