Chloe sets sights on north’s highest peak for charity climb

October 14, 2013

A young primary school pupil from Newry is set to scale Northern Ireland’s highest mountain to raise funds for charity.

Chloe Friary from Quayside Close will climb Slieve Donard on Saturday 19th October as part of a fundraising enterprise for Children In Need (CIN).

This arduous feat is made all the more commendable because Chloe is just seven years old and has chosen to take on this task as her way of thanking CIN for funding projects in her area.  She, and many other local children were able to go on trips and enjoy fun days with bouncy castles and a sports day through funding from CIN.

Chloe is a pupil at St Clare’s Convent primary school and is very keen on sports, especially playing Gaelic. She hopes to raise as much money as possible through sponsorship, as well as holding a raffle that her parents are organizing.

Slieve Donard, at 2,789 ft, can be a daunting challenge even for most adults and experience climbers, but little Chloe is confident she will successfully erect her Children In Need banner at the summit.

When asked why she wanted to take on this challenge she said it was a way of saying thanks for helping her and others go away on trips and having a great time during the holidays which wouldn’t happen if the committee didn’t get funding.

“My mummy told me money that was got from Children In Need paid for lots of things and I think we should also help them as they do lots of good work for children,” she said.

Chloe’s parents, Jennifer and Noel (who originates from Crossmaglen), were not surprised when she came up with the idea of scaling Slieve Donard as they said she is always talking about going up mountains especially after they bought her trekking clothes.

“As a member of our local committee, we are all so grateful for the funding we received and I am delighted Chloe has found this way of saying thank you to everyone concerned,” Jennifer said.

“As we don’t have a community centre, we depend on taking young people away as much as possible so that they are not too bored during the holidays”.”

Noel jokingly added: “Having a Crossmaglen connection means she will always achieve her goals!”

Little Chloe will start her walk at 11am in Newcastle and may take up to five hours to complete, with just a 20 minute break through a forest and over large rocks, but her determination will see her succeed.

Best of luck Chloe!