Local lady ‘gets off the couch’ for new Setanta documentary series

October 14, 2013

A young Derrynoose woman is set to grace our TV screens this month in a series which follows six people as they seek to change their lives and take on active challenges that they never thought possible.

27 year old Cathy Whyte will feature in the aptly named “Get off the Couch!”a six part series from Athena Media for Setanta Sports which is free to air on Setanta Ireland from October 24th 2013 at 10pm.

The series captures the triumph of the human spirit through determination and the desire to better oneself by capturing the personal stories, achievements, and courage of Cathy and five other ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

Presenter, Teena Gates, knows more than most about overcoming challenges. Teena went from 23 stone, where she found everyday simple activities like walking to be painful, to climbing to Everest base camp. Today Teena enjoys a range of activities from kayaking and hiking to abseiling and brings that enthusiasm forward to motivate the six participants who have, by their own admission, let themselves go and need to change.

The series charts the progression of Cathy and her cohorts as they take on some of the biggest challenges of their lives, both sporting and personal, and along the way gain invaluable advice and training from some of Ireland’s greatest sports people, such as Katie Taylor, Sonia O’Sullivan, Sean Kelly and Catherina McKiernan.

From sea swimming with long distance swimmer Fergal Somerville, to rafting down the Liffey with Ciaran “Kipper” Maguire, climbing Ireland’s highest mountain Carrantuohill with Pat Falvey, and competing in a triathlon under the tutelage of coach Eamonn Tilley, the group take on amazing challenges and personal trials in their quest to achieve a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Speaking to The Examiner ahead of the upcoming series, Cathy says the experience has “changed her life.”

Cathy reveals she had always struggled to get fit, admitting she had been having “too good of a time!”

Having found out through her local Weightwatchers Group about Teena Gates’ dramatic life change and subsequently reading her acclaimed biography, “One foot in front of the other”, she became inspired by her story.

“I began to follow her on Facebook and came upon a post inviting anyone seeking to change their lives and take on new challenges, to email her   a bit about themselves,” she explains,

“So I sent the email and was invited to an interview about the show where they asked me if I’d be willing to take part. Of course I jumped at the chance and back in December 2012, I was confirmed as one of the six participants.

“Filming began in February and we were followed for six months taking on all the different challenges.”

Cathy says the experience has transformed her life,

“Before the show, I would have went for the odd walk with friends but now I’m much more active.  Even since the show ended, I’ve been taking part in the Mournes Hectic challenge and different 10k races.  Myself and the “Get off the Couch” group are also taking part in the Run in the Dark in Dublin next month.  There’s always something to train for and it’s amazing how many accessible activities are available on our own doorstep.”

Obviously keen to continue taking on new active challenges, Cathy has set her sights on completing the Four Peaks in Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales next year and the following year she has set herself the goal of climbing Kilimanjaro.

“I’d rather regret what I’ve done than regret not doing it,” says a newly reformed Cathy.

Be inspired by Cathy and the group’s quest for a more active lifestyle on Setanta Ireland on Thursday October 24th at 10pm and every Thursday at the same time for the duration of the series.