Two men viciously attacked outside nightclub

February 24, 2009

Two young men, including a twenty-year-old visitor from Keady, were savagely attacked outside a night club in the Trevor Hill area  of Newry on Saturday night, sustaining severe facial injuries in the assault.

One of the men received nineteen stitches at Daisy Hill hospital to where he was taken after the incident suffering from a severe laceration, bleeding and shock. The other victim received similar injuries to his face and was also treated. 

Police have charged a 20 year old Newry man with the attacks. 

Local SDLP councillor John McArdle said that what had happened was quite frightening and that a culture of knifing and attacks with broken bottles were growing in the district all the time.

Mr McArdle called for more police patrols during closing hours at night clubs and said he would be bringing this and other related matters to the attention of the PSNI.

“Saturday night’s attack is one of many such assaults in recent times. It’s obvious that two young men have had their faces disfigured in an outrageous assault,” Mr McArdle said.  “We read about this happening in London and Dublin and big cities across the world but I can assure you that it is happening in our own area. I have warned about this growing culture of violence here. Such an attack is a failure of society here to take proper measures to confront this culture.”