Newry retailer issues counterfeit cash warning

October 21, 2013

A Newry retailer has warned that counterfeit notes are in circulation in the city.  It is thought the fake £20 Ulster Bank notes bear the same serial number – K5433300 and are discernible as counterfeit when placed under the security sensor device.

The shop owner revealed that an attempt to tender the notes as cash had been made twice in her store last week and both times the serial number on the notes did not light up when placed under the security light.  On the second occasion, the man in his twenties who handed over the note maintained he had received it from the nearby Ulster Bank ATM situated at the Ulster Bank Newry branch.

The local retailer became suspicious and asked the man to accompany her to the Ulster Bank branch on the pretence of procuring a reimbursement of his £20 for him. Once there an Ulster Bank employee emphatically confirmed that the note could not have originated in the bank as it would not have passed bank sensors.  When the customer was asked for his bank card so the cashier could investigate further, the man claimed to have mislaid it and went on his way.

Just last week Newry police issued a warning to local traders and members of the public to be wary of counterfeit notes believed to be circulating in the Newry area.

Shops and other businesses that handle currency are being advised to check all notes and contact police if they suspect they have come into possession of any counterfeit currency.

Officers advise that there are a number of things to look out for when taking notes as payment, such as the feel of the note, the security thread and the colour or print.

Business owners are urged to display clear warning signs against counterfeit currency and ensure staff are aware of how to examine notes and how to report the discovery of such.

‘Know your banknotes’ leaflets can be obtained from branches of all Northern Ireland’s main banks.

Police appealed to anyone who may have any information about counterfeit notes to contact them at Newry on 0845 600 8000.