Murphy undeterred by UVF death threat

November 4, 2013

The MP for Newry and Armagh, Conor Murphy, says he will not be intimidated by a loyalist death threat against him, nor let it deter him from carrying out his duties.

On Tuesday a phone call from someone purporting to represent the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) was received at Mr Murphy’s Newry constituency office, threatening that he would be shot at his home.

Mr Murphy said he is taking the threat seriously.

Speaking afterwards, he said: “The PSNI have been made aware of a phone call made to the Sinn Féin office in Newry threatening my life by someone claiming to be from the UVF.  Considering the antics of the UVF in Belfast of several months now we took the threat seriously.

“Whether it is the UVF or anyone else making such threats, they need to realise that Sinn Féin will not be intimidated from carrying on working for our constituents,” he added.

Reacting to news, SDLP Assembly Member Dominic Bradley, condemned those behind the threat: “Those responsible for such threats represent the horrific days of our past, they want to drag our society back to the past and this community will not allow that to happen.

“I would call on those responsible to lift their grotesque threat, they may not agree with Conor’s politics nor indeed my own, but we live in a democracy and if they have political views then the democratic process is there for those responsible to articulate those views,” he added.

The PSNI said it is aware of the incident but does not comment on the personal security of individuals.