Keep pets under control, farmer appeals

December 16, 2013

A Culloville farmer is urging dog owners to make more effort to keep their pets under control after he came upon two dogs worrying his flock of sheep recently.

Martin McCreesh went to feed his sheep on Thursday evening when he found the flock had been rounded up into a corner of the field by two dogs.  The terrier-type dogs – at least one of which was wearing a collar – had not attacked the sheep, though Martin claims this was prevented because he had arrived just in time.

He believes the dogs, described as a small white terrier and a larger brown terrier, are family pets and he is appealing to dog owners to make sure they know where their pets are at all times and to ensure they do not stray from the boundaries of their own property.

Martin’s sheep are kept in a field beside his house, less than half a mile from Culloville village.  The area is well lit and he said he could not believe what he was seeing when he went to routinely feed his animals that evening.

“I had been working out in the garden and there wasn’t a sound beforehand.  That’s why I couldn’t believe what I saw when I found the sheep rounded up into the corner of the field.  As any farmer knows, dogs worrying sheep is a serious situation and the sheep don’t tend to thrive after something like this happens, it frightens them,” Martin explained.

Thankful that any imminent attack was prevented by his arrival, he said, “The dogs would have done damage.  I just want owners to keep their dogs under control because things like this are happening and the owners mightn’t be aware of it.”