Brother criticises refusal of government to release Reavey murder files

January 13, 2014

A brother of the three Reavey brothers, shot dead in their Whitecross home in January 1976, has called on the British government to release all the files relating to the case.

Eugene Reavey has accused the government of being ‘unwilling’ to reveal files relating to the murders carried out by the notorious Glenanne Gang.

John Martin (24), Brian (22) were shot dead when a gang burst into their home on January 4th 1976. 17-year-old Anthony died several weeks later from his injuries.

Mr Reavey claims the ‘Thirty Year Rule’ that should allow the release of such documents is now in its eighth year, and says there is no valid reason for the information not to be made available.

Prompted to speak out after the collapse of the Haass talks, he says British Prime Minister, David Cameron, must play his part in dealing with the past.

“Official calls are constantly being made by government figures including David Cameron for a resolution of the past here.  But they themselves by their inaction are preventing the very resolution that they are demanding,” he said.

“Almost forty years after their murders by a sectarian gang, every attempt to get truth and justice has floundered on the refusal of the prime minister of the day to make the files on this case available, or to have them redacted.

“If those in government are sincere in putting justice and equity before whatever it is they are hiding, if they are sincere in giving leadership regarding the difficult issue of past, then they must step forward and unlock the impasse as they alone have the key to do it.”