Documentary a feather in cap for veteran journalist

January 27, 2014

It’s not often it can be said that a south Armagh man could achieve what many set out to do and failed.  However, veteran journalist and Silverbridge native, Eamonn Mallie, can attest to doing just that.

His revealing and explosive documentary on the life and times of one of Northern Ireland’s most prominent politicians, Dr. Ian Paisley, has both confounded and gratified in equal measures.

The culmination of years of badgering and research, ‘Paisley – From Genesis to Revelation – Face to Face with Eamonn Mallie’, the two-part documentary was broadcast on BBC television recently, opened the floodgates to claim and counter-claim and exposed a side to the ageing politician that many did not believe existed.  It revealed parts of the North’s troubled past through the eyes of one of its most controversial political figures and is testament to Mr Mallie’s dogged determinedness that his subject finally succumbed and answered many challenging questions that have waited years to be asked.

The repercussions from the documentary, not only within the DUP – whose leaders have disputed many of Paisley’s recollections – but also in the wider political arena, are likely to be explored for quite some time and represent a feather in the cap of the highly respected and experienced doyen of journalism.