Ammunition and pipe bombs found during Parkhead police operation

February 17, 2014

A major security operation in the Parkhead Crescent area of Newry last Thursday led to the discovery of components of explosive devices and ammunition.

The search operation took place just hours after a pipe bomb attack on a family home in nearby Patrician Park but police said that the searches were unrelated to the attack carried out the previous night.

Officers, along with army bomb disposal experts, searched a piece of open ground in the Parkhead Crescent area for most of Thursday morning. No properties were evacuated during the search and the bomb and ammunition find has since been passed to forensic scientists for examination while the police continue their investigations.

Speaking after the completion of the operation, area commander, Chief Inspector Davy Beck said: “I am happy that these potential pipe bomb type devices and ammunition have been taken off the streets of Northern Ireland.

“The public can rest assured that we will continue to serve the community of Newry and I would ask anyone who has any information about these items or who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area of the Parkhead Crescent to contact police.”

Speaking following the security alert, SDLP MLA for Newry and Armagh Dominic Bradley said the people of Newry are “fed up with disruption.”

“People in Newry don’t want this. They want to get on with living and not to be reminded of the past. They don’t need or deserve this type of disruption” said Mr Bradley.

“Those behind this type of activity are enemies of the community. They are foolish to think people support what they’re doing because all they are achieving is hurt to the people in the community and the community itself.

“Unfortunately, this indicates there are still those in society who are intent on using violence to promote their aims, whatever they may be.

“This community has totally rejected violence and clearly demands that those who still think violence has a role in this society should abide by the wishes of the people and desist.

“I’ll continue to call on people who have information, which may help the police take these lethal ingredients out of circulation, to take that knowledge to the police without delay.”

Sinn Féin representative for the area Councillor Charlie Casey said the discovery of such items was “very concerning for local residents.”

“I hope that local people with relevant information bring this to the police to help ensure that our communities are safe places to live in.”