Film Launch in Ti Chulainn

April 7, 2014

On Monday, April 14th 2014, at 8pm in Tí Chulainn Cultural Centre, An Mullach Bán, there will be a launch of two unique films linking Galicia and South Armagh.  This is an open night and everyone is welcome.

These films have been created by Xela Cuňarro Otero, a Comenius assistant in St. Mary’s Primary School, An Mullach Bán, from Cangas, a town on the Galician coast of Northern Spain.  She arrived in October 2013 and has worked tirelessly with the school students, staff and the wider community to produce outstanding pieces of work.  The films feature footage of Galicia and South Armagh and use the Galician, Irish and English languages.

The first film features the poem ‘Adiós ríos, adios fontes’ (Goodbye rivers, goodbye springs) by Rosalie de Castro, the unquestioned poet laureate of Galicia.  She unconventionally wrote in her native Galician language, which, to the wider Spanish population was a dialect fit only for the illiterate and churlish!

Xela says of Rosalia de Castro ‘I can not remember the first time I heard about Rosalia de Castro.  I have grown up with her; her poetry has accompanied me throughout my life, always in a brilliant and perfect way’. She says ‘I chose Adiós ríos, adios fontes; not only because it is one of her most known and popular poems, but also because it is about emigration (one of the many characteristics that link us Galicians with the people of South Armagh.)

The second film celebrates the work of Michael J. Murphy, South Armagh’s unquestioned main literary figure and the foremost folklore collector in Ireland.  The film centres on his short story ‘Fugitive’ which also deals with emigration and sense of place. As with Xela and Rosalie de Castro our people are privileged to be guided and inspired by the work of Michael J. Murphy.

This is a major cultural project which should interest anyone who identifies with ‘A Sense of Place’. The event is hosted by Cuimhneamh Oral History Project based in TíChulainn and St. Mary’s Primary School.  Refreshments will be served on the night.