Seanín’s fragile health suffers serious setback

April 28, 2014

A young Belleek woman, whose family recently embarked on a massive campaign to fund specialist health care for her, has suffered a serious setback in recent days.

On Wednesday 21-year-old Seanín Smith suffered a stroke combined with a seizure and is currently being treated in the high dependency unit of Daisy Hill hospital.

Earlier this month The Examiner reported how Seanín suffers from the rare and debilitating condition known as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  EDS is a rare, lifelong progressive disease affecting the skin, joints and muscles for which there is no cure.

Diagnosed two years ago, Seanín has been hospitalized countless times and relies on 24-hour care from her family, who claim doctors in Northern Ireland have limited understanding of the condition and how to treat her.

Having become disillusioned with the health service care she has been receiving, they began a fundraising campaign to raise money for Seanín to receive specialist treatment in England.  Over recent weeks, this campaign has gained momentum and her family is delighted with how it is progressing.

Unfortunately, Seanín’s health is not as tenacious and the need for her to receive specialized treatment has become more important than ever.

Speaking to The Examiner about Seanín’s fragile condition, her sister Louise said:

“Seanin has been through the wars and is having less and less time to recover between each hospitalisation, but she continues to fight on and is determined not to let this beat her. She had been making great progress – building up her strength and getting back on her feet but unfortunately this has taken her a few steps backwards now. She has been left very weak and extremely exhausted, as well as suffering a great deal of pain throughout her body. It’s so frustrating as doctors don’t know what to do with her as she’s such a complex case. We can only hope she makes a good recovery and is fit to travel abroad for help as soon as possible”.