Carrickrovaddy Primary School Reunion

May 26, 2014

The Carrickrovaddy Primary School Reunion will be held on Saturday 7th June and will include a special Mass for deceased past pupils and teachers followed by a social evening.

The school premises will be open on Saturday from 4.00 pm to enable former pupils to have a look around the existing building.  This is being facilitated by the kind and helpful cooperation of current principal, Mr Kevin Woods.

During this period, the family of Michael Luckie will unveil a memorial plaque dedicated to their father who was the principal teacher in Carrickrovaddy School from 1930 until 1960.

Afterwards a vigil Mass will be held in St Oliver’s church, Dorsey at 6.30pm to remember all deceased past pupils and teachers.  Former pupils will take an active part in the Mass celebration and appreciation is extended to Rev Fr Kevin Cullen and pastoral facilitator, Ann McGuinness, for their assistance.

Afterwards a social evening will be held in Ti Chulainn Centre, Mullabawn beginning at 8.00pm.  Entertainment and refreshments will be available and anyone who has not received a ticket, or wishes to attend, please get in touch with any of the organisers.  This event will be video recorded for posterity so make sure you’re looking your best!

Many older pupils from the 1930s-1940s period have been contacted including several soon to be 93 on their next birthday and also many in their 80s, hale and hearty.  These wonderful people will be our special guests on the night.  An exhibition of old school group photographs has been researched and will be on display, copies can be provided at a cost of £10.  Copies of the video will also be available at a cost of £10.

To facilitate the video recording patrons will be given a table number and are asked to kindly take their place until the video interview and recording has been completed for your family group.  This is a very important historical event and will be invaluable for future generations. It should not take any longer to complete than 30 to  40 minutes and afterwards everyone will be allowed out to play for half an hour!

Noel Murphy and Sean Loughran will be collecting sixpence from all the boys to pay for the new football.  Malachy Mc Creesh has kindly sponsored a dozen skipping ropes for the girls and Rita Murphy (Hoey) will be leading the skipping.  Madge Caherty and Bridget Mallie will be leading the dancing for the 88-93 age group while Peter Mackin and his sons Noel and Ciaran will be giving lessons on how to sharpen a scythe.  Many other helpful workshops will take place and all will go home hopefully wiser and happier.

I hope everyone has a fantastic trip down memory lane and especially those of us who haven’t met for 50 years or more.  Eugene Quigley is in line for the prize for the longest journey travelled as he will be arriving from South Africa while Jimmy Mc Creesh and Nuala Casey hope to be home from their North Pole Trek in time for the evening.

Sincere thanks to all who helped and we will be remembering those who are ill or can’t attend and adding them to our prayers.

Thank You, Emmet Quinn