Barcroft assault victim appeals for information

June 16, 2014

The victim of an horrific rape and assault which took place near Barcroft community centre 20 years ago has appealed for help in finding her attacker.

On 10th June 1994, the woman was subjected to a “prolonged and violent sexual attack” by a stranger when she was just eight years old.

Police are treating the attack as attempted murder and have released two new images of the suspect.

The victim spoke anonymously to the national media about the brutal ordeal, which has left her traumatised, and urged anyone who did not speak to police at the time to do so now.

The woman recalled how she was on her way to play football at the Barcroft community centre with a seven-year-old boy when they were approached by her attacker, aged in his late teens or early 20’s – who asked them to help him find his younger brother.

The children accompanied the man into woodland behind the community centre, where he persuaded them to take different routes through the trees.  The man then attacked and sexually abused the young girl.

The woman said she believes the man had come prepared for the attack and that he knew where he was going, leading her to believe he was a local person.

When the boy, who was now lost, began to shout the girl’s name, the rapist began hitting his victim with a brick, rendering her unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, the woman said she started to panic and vomit before managing to crawl down an embankment and climb over a garden fence into the nearby house of an elderly couple, where their daughter called an ambulance.

The traumatised victim revealed she has undergone childhood counselling and attempted to move on with the rest of her life.

The investigation was reopened four-and-a-half years ago, after someone contacted police saying they knew the identity of the rapist.

The victim, who has revisited the scene with detectives, said she wants to track down the attacker to protect others from possible attacks.

The woman added that she still gets angry thinking her attacker is still freely “walking the streets” and said her ordeal has made her anxious and “very protective” of her own children.

“What has he done in those 20 years? Has it done it to anybody else?,” she said,

“I want to get him off the streets and get the justice I deserve.”