Bail denied for attempted murder suspect

August 4, 2014

A 44 year old man charged with the attempted murder of his partner during an allegedly “degrading and terrifying assault” which took place in a house in Belleek last weekend (26th July) has been denied bail.

Patrick Doherty of Newry Road, Belleek, appeared in Newry Magistrates Court last Monday morning charged with attempted murder, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, threats to kill, possession of an offensive weapon, common assault and attempt to inflict grievous bodily harm. Another man was also charged with aiding and abetting assault occasioning actual bodily harm and common assault, but was released on bail until his own court appearance on 20th August.

The court heard that police had arrived at the property on the Newry Road in the early hours of Saturday 26th July after the injured woman had called 999 and left the phone off the hook so the operator could hear the alleged assault.

There they found the victim with bruising on her face and body and a cut on her face.  In her statement to police, the injured party, Rosemary Travers, said there had been an incident earlier on the night in question involving the defendant, the co-accused and Ms Travers at a house on Chancellor’s Road in Newry.  Two members of the public called police to report witnessing  two men attacking a woman. Before police arrived at the Chancellor’s Road scene, Ms Travers left in a taxi to return to Belleek.

The investigating officer said she spoke to the two men at the Chancellor’s Road property and believed that they blamed the woman for the police arriving.

The two men returned to Belleek two hours later and began to verbally abuse Ms Travers , calling her a “tramp and a tout” before Mr Doherty allegedly began to punch and kick the woman in the head.

Police said the violent altercation woke the defendant’s 80 year old mother who tried to intervene.  The court was told that Doherty kicked the bathroom door in after the victim had fled there to escape, and then allegedly punched her in the head.  He then followed the woman into a bedroom where police say he tried to suffocate her putting a blue plastic bag over her head and trying to put duct tape over her mouth, before Doherty’s mother intervened again, “screaming for him to stop.”

The victim fled to the living room where she dialled 999 and left the phone off the hook.

The court then heard that Doherty is alleged to have entered the room again with a knife and pinned Ms Travers to the ground trying to stab her hands and threatening to “bite off her nose and hack her to pieces.” The defendant also held the knife to her throat whilst instructing his co-accused to “get the bin bags” before his elderly mother once again intervened.  The victim told police she was “petrified” and thought she was going to die during her ordeal.

Police opposed bail for the defendant revealing that he had admitted during interview that if he had wanted to kill Ms Travers he would have. The court also heard that Doherty had previously served a 5 year jail term after being convicted of wounding with intent of GBH with a knife in Manchester in 1995.

Rejecting his bail application, Judge Eamonn King said it was a “degrading and terrifying assault” which took place over “a sustained period of time” in front of Doherty’s poorly 80 year old mother.