Councillor raises concerns over Towpath access

August 4, 2014

By Christine Keighery

Sinn Fein Councillor Charlie Casey has said he intends to raise the issue of access on Newry’s Towpath at today’s District Development meeting.

Speaking to The Examiner, the councillor said the department needed to address the issue of poor access for wheelchair users as well as those with double buggies or large prams on the popular walkway.

“The Towpath is one of the most popular attractions for walkers, runners and cyclists in Newry” said Mr Casey,

“In fact, if you take into account the full length of the Towpath and its various access points through various different Council areas, this stretch of path has seen more visitors than the Giants Causeway – over 90,000 people in one recorded year.

“It is a fantastic location for recreational and training use by individuals and the many running and cycling clubs throughout the district.  It has also served as a perfect route for numerous fundraising walking, running and cycling events over the years but our council needs to address the issue of access for people in motorised wheelchairs and other access problems for those with large buggies or prams, who find it impossible to navigate the gates at various access points along the path.

“I understand that during fundraising events, the gates at points like the WIN Industrial Estate entrance and the Carnbane Way entrance to the Towpath are sometimes opened to facilitate access so it is important that these issues are identified and hopefully properly and speedily dealt with so that the Towpath allows access for all in our community who wish to use it.”