Silverbridge beauty – Armagh Intermediate championship Footballer, Rosin Murphy is ‘Belle of Armagh”

September 15, 2014

All the hard work, the nerves, the commitement of a small band of individual club members of the Belleek GAC, came to fruition, when at 1-15am on Sunday morning, the 2014 Belle of Armagh was named. It was a long night, a night of craic, of friendship and of course the honour of representing the County of Armagh in the New York St Patrick’s Day Parade on the 17th March 2015.

Eight girls, all beautifully dressed, sashes of their represented areas, oceans of talents, from Singing, Speaking Irish, Irish dancing, Musical, and even a marvellous Mime, from one of the contestants.

From Dromintee, Belleek, Silverbridge Crossmaglen, Lurgan, Killeavy and Jonesborough they came, these girls were without doubt a credit to their village, town, their family and themselves, and ‘boy, didn’t some of them know how to talk as they promoted their area with style, gusto and emotion.  Helped onto the stage and throughout the night by their marvellous escorts, or as the Americans would like them to be know as Beaus. These young men were very relaxed and did a marvellous job, although they never showed it, must have been riddled by nerves.

Started three years ago as a fundraiser for the St Laurence O’Toole’s Football Club, the competition which this year was sponsored by the Linwood Slender Group, who also sponsors Armagh GAA, were our main sponsors, it has really grown in stature and popularity.

The night started with the Belles and Escorts being welcomed on the stage and after the introductions and formalities, our own Bruce and Tess then took over with their fun filled questions. They quizzed the young ladies about where they live and what it meant to them, what it would be like to travel to the St Patrick’s Day’s parade in New York and take part.

I don’t think that Tess Daly would be able to converse in Irish as our Ursula Savage, last year’s Belle of South Armagh could with some of the contestants, although our Club Chairman Martin Murphy would give Uncle Brucy a run for his money, with some of his questions and jokes, ‘wonder where wife Catherine was” probably under a table at one stage.

Belle of Armagh, Silverbridge’s Roisin Murphy,  being crowned by last year’s belle Ursula Savage, also in picture Club Chairman and MC Martin Murphy and Maura Corley [ Linwood’s Slenders] main sponsors of the Belle of Armagh,

The winning Beau would receive two All-Ireland Final tickets as their prize for being the best Escort on the night. Some had been there for the last three competitions, a couple of new faces, had been allocated this year, but everyone of these young men were outstanding and new their jobs impeccably.

Then at 1pm precisely the Drum Roll sounded, MC and Club Chairman Martin Murphy opened the envelope to name Sean McCreesh, escort for the least three years, as 2014 Beau of the year, and who will now receive his two All Ireland final tickets.

Excitement was mounting the Drum Roll got louder and longer, 8 girls and their escorts waited for their  name, the room was yearning to know, the judges, Kerri Marie Boyle, Johnny Hanratty, Maura Corley and Catherine Patton, all knew at this stage. The Press were being kept in tenterhooks. The girls, nervous with anticipation, just needed someone to say “We will go to  break” if anyone had to have thought about it, I’m sure our MC would have, went to the break

Then as the girls waited, the envelope was opened, the Chairman looked at it then at the girls, in the centre back to the envelope, to the right, then left of the stage, and with the words ‘winner again’ as he called out Silverbridge’s Rosin Murphy as the 2015 Belle of Armagh.

The crowd clapped, cheered as the Sash was lowered over the shoulders of the new Belle of Armagh, Roisin Murphy by Maura Corley managing director of Linwood’s Slenders, and outgoing Belle of South Armagh, Ursula Savage, crowned the new Belle.

Belle of Armagh, Silverbridge’s Roisin Murphy, pictured with Escort Sean McCreesh, and Maura Corley [ Linwood’s Slenders] main sponsors of the Belle of Armagh.

It was a tremendous night for this young lady from Silverbridge and a worthy winner of the ultimate title of Belle of Armagh, as any one of the other seven would also.

Rosin, who early in the night was a member of the Silverbridge ladies who beat Lissummon in the Armagh Intermediate championship final in the Athletic grounds, and had come all the way to be in the final of the ‘BELLE competition, without being involved in the after match celebrations, taking her teammates in their white and yellow colours of the ‘bridge with her. Now they can all have a double celebrations and really enjoy themselves.

Special word to the judges, Kerri Marie Boyle, Johnny Hanratty, Maura Corley and Catherine Patton on their impartially, a very difficult job to come up with a winner in both the Belle and Beaus, well done, you did a magnificent job.

Rosin Murphy [Silverbridge] Belle of Armagh with her parents, John and Rosemary Murphy.