Mini Baby Boom: Ferris family welcomes quartet of cousins

October 13, 2014

Four new babies recently born into a Mullaghbawn family have been the source of great excitement and roused more than a little interest in the close-knit community.

Within just a few weeks, four brothers from the well-known Ferris family have each welcomed the birth of a new baby.  The respective wives of brothers Donal, Liam, John and Gary gave birth in the space of just three weeks and the arrival of the newborns – three boys and one girl – has unsurprisingly attracted significant attention.

The Ferris’s mini baby boom began with the arrival of Aaron on August 10th, a fourth son for Donal and his wife Anita.  Just four days later, Liam and his wife Claire welcomed the arrival of their first-born son, Ryan.

The family had two weeks’ respite before little Míceal, first-born son of John and his wife Geraldine, put in his appearance on 31st August.  He was joined less than 24 hours later by the only girl in the brood – Lucy – a second daughter for Gary and his wife Sarah Jane.

The births of Míceal and Lucy represents a further unusual occurrence as John and Gary are twins whose babies were born just hours apart.

The unusual phenomenon has caused something of a stir in the locality and the family has been inundated with messages of congratulations and good wishes.

Proud grandparents, Sean and Kathleen, are thrilled at the sizeable extension to the family, though are reportedly saying very little as to how the baby-sitting duties may be divided.

Mullaghbawn is home to all but one set of the new parents, with Liam, Claire and baby Ryan currently living in Bournemouth.  This weekend, however, they have made the trip home for a family reunion and a chance for the cousins to meet each other for the first time.

The highlight of the family gathering was a joint Christening ceremony for Aaron, Ryan, Míceal and Lucy, held in Forkhill Church yesterday (Sunday), undoubtedly the first of many joint celebrations the cousins will enjoy over the years.