Drunken Lullabíes to play at South Armagh Halloween Festival

October 13, 2014

Drunken Lullabíes are a four piece band based near Omagh Co-Tyrone. The band is made up of balladeers Colin O’Kane, Paul Gormley, Kevin Grogan and James Mc Shane. Colin plays Guitar’s and Mandolin, Paul plays Banjo and Guitar, Kevin plays 5 String Banjo, Mandolin and Fiddle and James plays Whistles, Accordion and Bodhrán. With this mix of instruments along with their vocal harmonies they have created an energetic, foot stomping set, blending originals and classic folk with fast paced instrumentals and covers of songs from all backgrounds.

The wide variety of music styles in their set is easily explained as they each come from different musical backgrounds, but with the experience of growing up in households soaked in music, they can weave each of their musical styles together with ease and capability, and although they have their own flavour, they stay routed to the earthy tones of Traditional Folk Music and understand the power of well crafted music on an audience.

Drunken Lullabies objective is simply ”To play music for your enjoyment”. You can easily follow the band on Facebook or email them at