Youths attack police probing pensioner theft

November 3, 2014

Police officers responding to the reported burglary of two elderly pensioners in Newry came under attack from youths throwing bricks and masonry, The Examiner has learned.

The incident occurred in the Meadow area of the city early on Wednesday evening.  Police were visiting the home of the two elderly victims of the theft, who are aged 90 and 91, when they were attacked by a gang of youths.

A PSNI spokesman confirmed that officers were forced to retreat from the area for their own safety.

Sinn Fein MLA, Mickey Brady, says the incident has prompted anger and concern among residents of the area.

“The PSNI reported that after being attacked by youths with bricks, and with no other resources available, they withdrew from the area rather than risk injury or damage to people and their property.

“This incident has caused great concern and anger amongst most local residents. The people of this area are entitled to law and order and those intent on causing trouble have nothing to offer the community,” he said.