US reforms bring fresh hope to immigrant’s elderly mother

November 24, 2014

The elderly mother of a south Armagh woman living illegally in America has expressed her hope that the announcement by President Obama of changes to the U.S. immigration system will mark an important step forward which should have a positive impact on her daughter’s life and that of thousands of undocumented living in the U.S.

President Obama announced reforms last week which will mean that undocumented immigrants whose children have been born in the U.S will now be eligible to apply for a work permit. The measures have provided new hope for many undocumented Irish and their families in their quest to regularise their status that further steps will be taken to ensure legal migration between Ireland and America.

The local lady, whose daughter has lived in America since the late nineties and whose children were born there, told The Examiner her daughter and the entire family have lived under the cloud of her illegal status for over 14 years. The situation became increasingly difficult recently when her husband fell seriously ill and her worried daughter could not return home to visit him for fear of discovery and expulsion from the U.S.

With her family’s story echoed throughout south Armagh and Ireland, hopes are high that these initial reforms will create a pathway to citizenship which will see all undocumented immigrants gaining access to their rights, including freedom of travel to and from the U.S.