Padraig Og back in the frame

December 1, 2014

Dedicated hard working Armagh County Board officer Padraig Og Nugent looks set for a return to the major office as he has been nominated for the post of Secretary at the Annual Convention which takes place next Sunday Dec 7. Nugent has served his County in varying capacities for over 30 years, coming in as Football Board Secretary in 1982, holding down that post for over 20 years. Padraig took up role as Co Secretary in 1995 following the untimely death of Gerry Fagan. Over the last few years the post of Secretary became a paid post but due to county running costs he was let go at end of 2013, despite offering to stay on in a voluntary capacity his offer was rejected. Always dedicated to the Armagh cause Padraig took up the role of CCC secretary in 2014.

It is easy to see why he has now been nominated for the voluntary position of Co. Secretary at the forthcoming county convention as during his 10 years’ service as PRO Padraig was twice voted UGAAWA PRO of the year and also received a McNamee Award as a County Senior Final programme winner.

What will be interesting is to see who will stay in the hunt for the race for Secretary on Sunday. A somewhat unusual and possibly unprecedented nominees for Secretary is outgoing County Chairman Paul Duggan whose 5 year term at the helm is up.

County Board officers are not everyone’s cup of tea at any given time, for varying reasons, but you will have to go a long way to find someone as dedicated to the cause as Padraig Og, which has obviously been recognised by his nominees.