Bothan for Cross Square Hotel

December 15, 2014

Bothan, a vibrant fusion of Traditional Irish Music mixed with covers from artists like ‘Bob Dylan’ and ‘The Band’ and modern pros such as ‘Passanger’ are appearing in The Cross Square Hotel on Saturday 27th December. The Band comprises locals artists, Terry Conlon, on accordion and vocals, Terry Conlon (Jnr) on cajon, guitar and vocals, Padraig Carragher, on vocals and guitar, Gareth Doran, on Bodhran and vocals, and finally Ruairi Cunnane, playing guitar, Bouzouki and vocals.

The band have a distinct Plantxy feel to their music and cover a wide range of musical genres. With 4 lead vocals, and all with different musical slants, this mix is fresh and exciting and promises to be a gig not to be missed.

Gareth Doran’s dolce tones are a distinct trademark of Bothan. He also sings some haunting ballads in Irish and has made several TV appearances including Fleadh Live and Blas Ceoil. Terry Conlon (Jnr) provides the modern edge to Bothan with his orotund vocals and lively rhythm on cajon. Terry Conlon is well known locally and provides the trad energy in the band combined with rousing renditions of some great Irish Ballads. Padraig Carragher, a true artist (also a renowned wood turner), sits in behind the vocals with his amazing guitar skills giving Bothan their unique sound. Finally Ruairir Cunnane, one of Ireland’s finest musicians, gives Bothan their amazing energy and drive. His bouzouki and guitar playing are second to none and his vocals have a very unique and warm feel. Ruairi has toured extensively abroad and is a regular head in the trad/folk scene in Belfast.

So make your way to the Cross Square Hotel on the 27th December for what promises to be an amazing night.