Was Ice Hurling a forerunner for Ice Hockey?

December 22, 2014

Did you know that hurling and gaelic football were demonstration sports at the 1904 Olympic games?

Just a couple of interesting pieces to emerge from my browsing through what is a marvellous compilation from Warrenpoint man Fergus Hanna in his book THE HISTORY of the GAA in  NEW YORK.

It has taken over 20 year’s research before this book was deemed ready for publication. Its vast content and array of stories will take a lot longer than the time afforded me before our own publication deadline to really appreciate fully the true merits of a book that covers from the late 18th. century to the present times.

New York GAA has been littered with players from every county in Ireland since its official existence November 1914 but holds a special significance for an awful lot of people from Ulster.

From cover to cover this 552 page publication packed with pictures, player’s names, match dates, feats of anguish and glory comprehensively brings to life how one of the lesser known but a vital cog in the GAA family has operated since being founded.

There is no doubt that Kevin and his team of researchers have produced a book that is much more than just a “Christmas Stocking filler” (it will take some sock to hold it) as I have no reservation in saying that it will become a most sought after addition to any GAA persons book collection.

Very reasonably priced at £19-95, the storied yet largely unknown history of The Gaels in New York related by Fergus Hanna in THE HISTORY of the GAA in NEW YORK is currently available in all good book stores.