Creggan Hall Management Committee

March 17, 2009

Burns on Fire!

On Thursday night, to a full hall in Creggan (Church of Ireland Parish Hall), Kevin Thompson assumed the identity of Robert Burns and with humour, images, a patent love of his subject led the audience through the life and many loves of Robert Burns. Kevin is a teacher, a scholar and an actor.  His was a performance that educated, informed and entertained.  

His deep knowledge was sprinkled lightly and humorously over two hours of visual and poetic joy. The audience learned of Burns hard life as a farmer, his marriage, and his confused politics. He was an officer of the crown whose heroes were William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Kevin presented a less sentimental but more moving version of Auld Lang Syne. The highlight of the evening was an illustrated enactment of the ghost story Tam O’Shanter.

CHMC expresses its’ heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended the event, extending special appreciation to Altnaveigh House and Mr Anthony Russell for their efforts in organising the evening.

Activities coming up at Creggan 

Names are being taken for the following courses; craft, watercolour painting, yoga, flower arranging, good relations, campaigning and lobbying skills and calligraphy. Subject to funding being secured, these courses will be delivered post 1st May 2009. 

As per usual, participants will be expected to contribute towards heat, light and refreshment costs of activities run through the Parish Hall.

To avoid disappointment, those interested in attending any of the activities outlined should register their interest with Kenny Donaldson on: 07900882770 asap.