School’s ‘golden ticket’ found on Scottish coast

March 16, 2015

A ‘golden ticket’, which was attached to one of fifty balloons launched to mark the 50th anniversary celebrations of St. Peter’s Primary School in Cloughreagh, has been found in Scotland, the school has revealed.

Last month the golden balloons were released on their airborne journey, marking the beginning of the school’s year-long jubilee celebrations.

With a ticket attached to each one bearing details of the school’s special anniversary, it was hoped that some of the balloons would reach “far-flung places” and the finder would release the golden ticket and reply.

This week the school was delighted to receive its first response, the ticket having made its way across the North Channel to be found by a farming family living on Sir Paul McCartney’s estate on the Mull of Kintyre.

A couple named Sandra and Joe discovered the golden ticket in undergrowth close to their remote Scottish home and kindly contacted the school.  Wishing them luck with the project, the family sent a photograph of Sandra displaying the ticket against the sign depicting the name of their farm, West Skeroblin (pictured).

Staff and pupils are hopeful this is just the first and that more replies from finders of their golden tickets will make their way back over the coming months.