Counterfeit cash scam is child’s play as toy euro note accepted

March 16, 2015

A Newry business has been left red-faced and out of pocket after a toy 100 Euro note was accepted as real money.

The fake kids play note, which plainly bears the Early Learning Centre logo was used to pay for a sandwich in a Newry fast-food outlet recently. The embarrassing blunder has been widely publicised since it appeared on the PSNI Newry and Mourne Facebook Page last week with a warning to cash handlers to be more vigilant when accepting large notes.

Police seized the note as evidence of counterfeit currency after it was accepted as payment and change given, leaving the business owner considerably at a loss.

Writing on their Newry and Mourne Facebook page, the PSNI urged people to have a “good, close look”at the note.

“Yep you are right you know, it’s a pretend 100 Euro note from a leading kiddies toy store,” said police.

“I know, I know a kids play note counterfeit currency?? Well believe it or not this was actually accepted as payment recently in business premises in Newry. Actually!”

Police added some advice for business to check all notes tendered,

“If you work in a cash handling job please take 5 seconds to check all notes you are accepting, the first check would be look at the thing! The second would be to swipe a counterfeit detector pen across it, you can buy these online for pennies. Then consider the feel of the note.

“Clearly no checks were done on this note and that business is now 100 Euro down plus the value of the goods it was used to ‘pay’ for! Isn’t it as well the pound is pretty strong against the Euro!”

As the story broke the jokes came thick and fast with many suggesting they were off to raid their monopoly sets to use as cash.  Amid the humour, the message from police was clear – all business should have a full proof counterfeit detection policy to avoid such monumental and costly mistakes.