A marked spike in robberies prompts calls for vigilance

May 18, 2015

Communities are being urged to “stand together” in the face of a spate of burglaries, which have occurred in the area recently.

Councillor Mickey Larkin made the call while revealing that a family home in Dromintee was targeted by thieves recently.

“This week has seen another family home defiled by the actions of thugs,” the Sinn Féin councillor said.  “The criminals smashed a patio door to gain access before ransacking the house. They stole cash and personal items, damaged interior doors and left the property in a mess.”

Councillor Larkin revealed that in a separate incident a homeowner appeared to have disturbed a potential break-in: “In another incident a homeowner arrived to find a silver Transit van sitting on his drive.

When he confronted the driver another male appeared from the field adjoining the house got into the van and they drove off. The resident’s diligence may have saved the day on this occasion.”

He urged residents to increase security around their homes and be aware of any suspicious activity or vehicles in their area.

Meanwhile, a digger has been reported stolen from a construction site at Fords Cross near Crossmaglen. The Volvo mini digger was discovered missing from the newly-built Happy Faces creche on Friday morning.  It is believed security cameras on the site have recorded the theft taking place and police are investigating.

Sinn Féin’s Barra Ó Muirí    said those behind the theft are “an embarrassment”.

“I am disgusted that thieves would target this state of the art facility which provides both vital childcare and employment to this area,” he said.

“This isn’t the first case in the Silverbridge area and the local feeling is one of revulsion.   The thieves and robbers who are perpetrating these crimes are an embarrassment to our community.

“It is hoped that the recent installation of CCTV will identify these criminals and I’m sure I speak for the entire community when I say I hope they are swiftly brought to justice,” he added.

Assembly member Megan Fearon condemned the crimes, which, she says, have increased in regularity over the last month: “These are traumatic for householders who work hard to provide for their families. The invasion and desecration of your home is something that many people take time to recover from.  Anyone involved in these robberies are parasites feeding off the communities they target. They must be stopped,” she said.