Tyres dumped in environmentally-protected area

May 25, 2015

The dumping of more than fifty tyres in an environmentally protected area has been strongly condemned by Sinn Fein Councillor Terry Hearty.

Councillor Hearty revealed the waste tyres were found discarded in Cregganbane Bog, near Crossmaglen and said those responsible have “no respect or regard” for the area.

“We are trying to promote south Armagh as a must-see tourist destination and one of our biggest selling points is the beautiful, unspoiled countryside.  We’re trying to build an industry that will bring jobs to the area and allow our young people to stay here, rather than have to head around the world for work.  This type of vandalism damages the image we are trying portray of the area and hampers those efforts,” he said.

“On top of that the specific place where these tyres were dumped is actually an Area of Special Scientific Interest, identified by scientific survey as being of the highest degree of conservation value due to unique flora, fauna or geological features.  Who knows what damage 50 waste tyres could be doing that incredibly precious habitat?” he has asked.

Stating that the people behind the act “are only thinking of their own pockets”, he added: “When you buy a new tyre, part of the price goes towards the safe disposal of that tyre when it is finished.  These people are obviously pocketing that and then dumping the tyres.  I sincerely hope the PSNI will be doing whatever they can to trace the origins of these tyres and I’d call on anyone with information to give it to the appropriate authorities.”