Church launches fundraising drive for vital roof repairs

August 17, 2015

The Upper Creggan Parish has launched a fundraising drive to pay for major repairs to be carried out to the roof of St. Patrick’s Church.  Work on the necessary repairs has already begun and the project is expected to cost in excess of £370,000, of which the Parish must provide £275,000.

The historic church, which was built in 1835 using stone drawn from the remains of the old Franciscan friary at Creggan, has been part of the lives of generations of parishioners and it is because of this lifelong association that the steering group hope to garner as much support as possible from local people to ensure that the appropriate funding is in place for the essential repairs.

A leaflet, outlining details of the fundraising drive and how to donate, as well as a Standing Order form, will be posted out to all houses in the Parish.  It will also be available from other locations in the Parish in order to create a positive momentum and an immediate awareness of the fundraising to as many people as possible.

The fundraising steering group, while recognising the difficult economic times and the demands on people’s money and resources, is asking each household to consider 3 different options for donating.  The first is a commitment to make a Standing Order payment of £20 per month for two years or any variation thereof or to consider the second option of making a donation of a similar sum of money in any way which suits a person’s circumstances.

The third option outlined in the Parish leaflet is a commitment to raise similar funds through a “Sponsor a Slate” campaign. This option will be implemented via a door-to-door campaign and will involve receiving a card with 10 lines on it, each representing a slate for the new roof.  Each slate costs £10 or £100 for a completed card.

The organising committee are seeking volunteers to assist in the direct door-to-door campaign which will begin in September, after fundraising leaflets have been distributed to all homes in the Parish this month.

In fully endorsing the fundraising drive, the first of its kind for 15 years, Parish Priest Fr McKeever has extended his sincere thanks to the steering group of hard working parishioners who have initiated it.

Encouraging all parishioners to donate to the vital fund, Fr McKeever said,

“Many of you will be asked to visit homes and help raise the funds needed at this time for St. Patrick’s, the mother-church of this historic parish.”

Some works will also follow at the parish churches in Shelagh and Glassdrummond, which are also part of the St. Patrick’s appeal.