Keady karate kid bowls over US audiences on Ellen Degeneres show

November 23, 2015

Keady karate kid Jesse-Jane McParland has received a rapturous reaction in the US wowing millions with her appearance on one of the world’s most famous television shows.

The pocket rocket’s dazzling display of sword-wielding leaps and kicks on the Ellen Degeneres Show last week instantly went viral with the pocket rocket stealing the show as she told the chat show queen “not every girl dreams of being a princess.”

Jessie Jane and her dad, Gary, headed out to the US last weekend, after being invited to appear on the show by Ellen, who had spotted the Northern Ireland ninja showcasing her incredible martial arts and boxing skills in a viral video which has been watched by 91 million people.

She filmed the programme alongside her idols One Direction on Tuesday and the show was aired in America on Thursday night, attracting millions of viewers.

Chatting to host Ellen, Jessie, who is also known as JJ Golden Dragon, revealed that she began her martial arts career at the tender age of three after trying ballet and Irish dancing but realising they weren’t for her.

“Mummy and daddy wanted me to get into a sport – maybe basketball. My daddy said karate was too dangerous,” said the former Britain’s Got Talent star.

She drew cheers from the audience when she told the US chat show queen,

“My mum asked why I didn’t like ballet and I said, ‘Mummy, not every girl dreams of being a little princess’.”

The quip and her jaw dropping performance on the show also caught the attention of US Senator Hilary Clinton who took to her Facebook page earlier this week to say, “little girls can be anything they want to be” using a link to a clip of Jesse-Jane as an example.

She finished the post with “Keep roaring Jesse-Jane.”

Jesse Jane received a standing ovation from the audience and host Ellen presented her with a special Ellen DeGeneres Show sword and an outfit emblazoned with “Golden Dragon.”

The Keady karate kid flew home on Thursday after a whirlwind trip and, despite quite a few exciting projects in the pipeline, is now focused on adding to her impressive 172 martial arts titles.