Camlough teenager writes moving tribute to the legendary David Bowie

January 18, 2016

A Camlough teenager who penned a moving tribute to the recently deceased David Bowie has received an overwhelming reaction after sharing the beautiful homage on Facebook. As one of Bowie’s biggest fans, A-Level student Sean P.J Cully, who attends St.Paul’s High School in Bessbrook, shared the sorrow felt by millions of fans worldwide at the death of the iconic singer last Monday.

Speaking to The Examiner about his touching tribute, the 18 year old described the legendary star’s music as “timeless” and said it had impacted on every generation.

“I think everyone has liked at least a bit of Bowie down through the years, said Sean.  “Since he’s died there has been so much written and said about him that it’s clear he had a worldwide reach across many generations.”

“I, like millions of others, couldn’t believe the news that he had died.  His music is timeless and, like I said in the poem, he will never really die as his music will always live on.”

Sean admits he is a creative soul who enjoys writing, whether it be scripts or poems, and he hopes to go on to university to undertake a Film Studies degree in his quest to be a Director.  The talented teenager also has a few acting roles under his belt, notably playing the part of the King in St. Paul’s production of “The King and I” two years ago.  With a love of acting and a passion for creating stories and characters, Sean often shares poems on his Facebook page.  Feeling compelled to write something about the influential artist, he originally penned the parting line “Ziggy has gone to meet the Starman,” but after watching and listening to the huge outpouring of tributes to David Bowie he felt he had to write “something to show my appreciation for the gift of his music.”  He compiled the poem, “Immortal Star”, peppering it with references to some of Bowie’s greatest hits and songs over the years, and posted it to his page simply to highlight his love for the extraordinary star.

“I always enjoyed David Bowie as a musician and singer,” said Sean

“But after he died, his legacy and influence seemed to reach a new level almost.  His death really brought home how talented he was and how important his music is. After I posted the poem my mum also shared it and it got a lot more attention,” he added.

With his journalist cousin Alannah also highlighting the poem in the national media, Sean’s beautiful tribute has had an unprecedented response.

Read Sean’s fitting homage to the legend that was David Bowie below:

“Immortal Starman”

From Brixton to New York,

Berlin to Mars,

Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads;

His legacy will live on

In the wake of a new Dawn.

His passing made me think,

“What will they say when I go?”

Would I have the same impact

That made all feel so Low?

Lazarus has risen;

The Jean Genie will take us on our way,

Don’t worry: it’ll all be Hunky Dory;

Let us feel The Next Day.

Yes; there will be no new songs,

But his art will live long,

Longer than any of us mere mortals.

In essence, he hasn’t died:

He will live forever:

He is eternal, immortal.

So we were sad,

Now we must rejoice

To the Thin White Duke

And his beautiful voice.

We can be Heroes,

He taught us that.

And as Major Tom goes,

Let us remember that fact.

This man could turn Aladdin Sane!

Cheer up, Let’s Dance! Lose all the pain.

Do not cry,

Wipe the tears from your eyes,

As he waves his last goodbye

His Blackstar shines up high in the sky…

Ziggy has gone to meet the Starman.