Fresh appeal for information on Nairac disappearance

February 1, 2016

A fresh appeal has been made seeking information on the whereabouts of the remains of a British Army Captain allegedly abducted and killed by the IRA in south Armagh almost 40 years ago.

The Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR), which searches for the remains of those killed and secretly buried during the Troubles, is urging anyone with information on where the remains of Robert Nairac are buried to contact them.

One of the Disappeared, Nairac was abducted from The Three Steps bar in Dromintee in May 1977 while on an undercover operation.  It’s believed he was taken to an area of forest in nearby Ravensdale where he was questioned before being beaten and shot.

The ICLVR’s Chief Investigator Geoff Knupfer said of those of the Disappeared still missing, the commission has least information on Robert Nairac.

Speaking following the recent publication of ‘Betrayal: The Murder Of Robert Nairac GC‘ by Alistair Kerr, Mr Knupfer said: “The remains of twelve of the sixteen ‘Disappeared’ have been restored to their families for Christian burial.  Of the four remaining cases, Robert Nairac is the one on which we have least information to work from.

“The Disappeared came from a range of backgrounds but what they all have in common is that they have grieving families who had to bear the additional terrible burden of years of not knowing where their loved one was buried.”

Pointing out that the remains of three of the Disappeared were recovered in the past year “because we were given the information necessary to put us in the right place”, Mr Knupfer added: “We need that information to help find Robert Nairac.”

All information given to the ICLVR is completely confidential and protected and cannot be shared with any other agency of the state.

“If the publication of this new book helps bring the case to public attention again then I hope those who know anything that can help us will contact the Commission.

The only interest of the ICLVR is humanitarian: to help end the suffering of a family by finding the remains,” Mr Knupfer said.

Anyone with information should contact the ICLVR’s confidential telephone number on 00800-55585500 or write to ICLVR, PO BOX 10827, Dublin 2.