Councillor condemns dumping of sheep carcass near primary school

March 7, 2016

Councillor Kate Loughran has condemned those responsible for dumping a dead sheep along the roadside not far from a Whitecross primary school.

The carcass of the dead sheep was strewn just yards from St Malachy’s Primary School in Ballymoyer recently.

“Those responsible for the indiscriminate dumping of a dead sheep within yards of St Malachy’s Primary School have to be condemned outright,” she said.

“The carcass was found lying on an abandoned portion of old road, near the junction on the left travelling towards Whitecross and I have asked that council officials investigate the matter,” said the SDLP Councillor.

Mrs Loughran went on to reveal that she had been contacted by a number of people in the community raising concerns about the incident, in particular one young mother who expressed how distressed her children became when they saw the carcass.

“Those responsible have no consideration for the animal, the environment or this community,” she added.

“There are very clear guidelines and processes for disposing of dead animals and they are there for a reason. This is a beautiful area and whilst there is no stream nearby, a decomposing carcass can put all sorts of toxins into local streams or river ways; this is not to mention the impact on wildlife.

“I would appeal to those responsible not to use our countryside as some sort of dumping ground.  The people of this area are outraged and I would urge the community locally to be vigilant for such dumping and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authority.”