Crossmaglen born nurse inspires hope with launch of Alzheimer’s nursing home guide

March 21, 2016

A former nurse from Crossmaglen aims to pass on an important message of hope for the future to those dealing with loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia via her self-penned guide to  choosing a nursing home. Retired nurse Ann Marie Gallogly, who practised for over 30 years, has used her vast knowledge and experience to compile an accessible guide for Alzheimer’s patients and their families, reiterating the idea that sufferers and their families can have a valuable life with the support of the right Nursing Home.

The book, “Alzheimer’s – Dementia:  Find the Best Nursing Home with Sister Ann”, is essentially  an information guide on how to recognise a good nursing/care home for people suffering from dementia and in particular Alzheimer’s type dementia. The book deals with areas such as location, décor or unit, trained staff, nursing care, activities, and abuse, which are all important factors when choosing a home.  It advises families on everything they need to know before visiting their first nursing home, necessary questions and important details to look out for when visiting a home. Also discussed is challenging behaviour and the benefits of admitting the Alzheimer’s patient to the home.

Dementia and person-centred care (PCC) are also discussed in detail.

The book is written in a step by step approach in layman’s terms to help families decide which home to choose for their loved one. This can be done effectively by walking around the home, observing and knowing what questions to ask.

The book differs from others on the market in that it uses real life case studies, which the author has drawn from her working life as a nurse, The book also assumes that the reader has limited knowledge of how the care home operates and how the home can influence and benefit the resident.

Sister Ann’s guide will be of invaluable help to people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia, their families and friends but can also be used as an educational guide for all people working in the care industry with particular reference to staff in care homes.

At present the book is available to purchase through Authorhouse, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Ann’s own website  (www. Books can also be purchased direct from the author by emailing   Arthouse publicists are currently arranging advertisements in The New York Times, Readers Digest and other publications and newspapers and the book is being publicised in International Book Fairs.

Ann has embarked on a publicity campaign which included book signings in Newry Library on Saturday 26th March from 11am to 1pm and later on Saturday 26th March at Eason in Buttercrane Shopping Centre from 2pm to 5pm. Everyone is invited to come along to support the local author.