McKevitt in final push for SDLP Election campaign

May 3, 2016

SDLP Assembly Candidate Karen McKevitt has spoken of her heartfelt thanks to local residents for the very warm and positive welcome on the doorsteps over recent months and has urged everyone to come out and vote on Thursday 5th May.

Mrs McKevitt said, ‘The next Assembly faces very difficult choices and this community needs a strong team of MLA’s there fighting their corner over the next five years.  This assembly term must see greater investment in roads, rail and strategic communications infrastructure, it must see real investment in Daisy Hill and rural health care services and it must see real investment in education provision for all ages.’

‘What is coming across very strong on the door steps is that people are up for change.  They are fed up with the same old same old from Stormont and want parties like the SDLP to go back in larger numbers and make real progress for all our communities.’

‘I have been an elected representative for over ten years now and with the support of the people of Newry and Armagh I can represent them over the next five years.  My politics is simple, I’ll work hard to make sure this area is not left behind.  What goes on around my kitchen table is no different to any others, I know the pressures of working families like my own.  We need a voice that will stand up for Newry and Armagh and in Justin McNulty and I, I firmly believe the people of Newry and Armagh can send a strong SDLP team at Stormont.’