Contractors resume work on construction of Meigh surgery

May 16, 2016

The recommencement of work on the new GP surgery in Meigh has been welcomed by MLA Megan Fearon.

The project had been at a standstill for more than two years until contractors arrived back on site on Friday, she revealed.

Welcoming the news, Ms Fearon said: “The people of Meigh have been putting up with substandard facilities for far too long.  Sinn Féin have been campaigning for an adequate, modern facility here for some ten years now while I myself have been in constant engagements with the Department, Health Board, the doctor and the people of the area over the course of the past few years about it.

“While people will of course be happy to have the new facility up and running, there will also be relief that the half-finished site, which had been something of an eyesore, not to mention dangerous for young children playing in the area, will be back in business after two and a half years.”

Councillor Liz Kimmins, who has also been a key player in the campaign for a new surgery, said the party would stay on top of the issues to ensure its completion.

“We went in to the recent elections promising to put health at the top of our agenda and I think this project shows that no matter how challenging an issue is, Sinn Féin will stick with it until we get a result for the people,” she said.

“We will of course be keeping up to date with progress on the site to ensure its completion goes smoothly and there are no further delays or problems.”